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JULY 6, 2020 - DAY 6

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I decided to take the next 2 days off work so I can just focus on ME. My sobriety.  That way, when I head back to work, I can be fortified with 1 week under my belt.

So far, it's been remarkable.  Which, I guess is kind of scary.  I am on the 'this aint so bad" train.  However, I haven't really had a challenging event.  I have 2 'wine night' phone calls with friends tonight. It won't be a challenge hanging out with my tea or whatever, but I guess I want to work on what I will say to whom.  My best friend will find out everything, all the details when I talk to her tonight.  We are very close and I know she will be so supportive and possibly curious herself.   My other 2 friends will be supportive - one (I think) is a well-controlled drinker, the other is an over-drinker like me and is still stuck in the "I can moderate anytime I chose" mode. So I suspect a lot of justification from her.  Hmmmm what if I don't say anything at all?  They will notice my teacup, or not if I put my drink in a glass.  Maybe I will continue to try something new and stay private about my drinking.  Keep my thoughts to myself until I am more comfortable with it all.  I think I am on to something!


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