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We can start over at 50, it's not too late.....

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

If I thought it was too late, I might not have quit smoking at 35 - almost 20 years ago

I'm thinking major world catastrophes are a good time to make serious life changes. I quit smoking during 911, so no better time than a pandemic to quit drinking right? My musings are for my catharsis out in the public/anonymous world wide web..... if you happen to land here - Welcome! If you happen to read my journey - thank you. I have appreciated reading the memoirs, blogs and social media posts from the sober-curious - to the multi-year sober person. What I have mostly discovered however is that most of them seem to be much younger and at a different stage of life than I am. I am so inspired by the sober movement of the young people and hope it continues much like the smoke-free movement started in the 80's. I just was hoping I would find similar women in their 50's who have decided to go out on a limb and try being booze free despite most of her social circle still knee deep in the wine pool. I have started thinking to myself "Shit, I didn't want to be the last person still sucking on a cancer stick, why don't I be try being one of the FIRST to discontinue poisoning myself with a carcinogenic liquid??". Disclaimer: I express myself in writing the same way I would speak, so if you do not enjoy expletives and crass observations, then this may not be the page for you.

Many of my images are taken from travels with my husband over the years, several of which are taken from my version of heaven on earth - Maui! I can't wait to get back there to enjoy the sights, sounds, and to give myself a second chance to savour the food from the many amazing restaurants and to wake the next morning remembering what I ate.........


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