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JULY 10, 2020 - DAY 10

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Breaking new trails is hard on the legs, but what a glorious new view on the other side!

Day 10 double digits 👍🏼. Isn’t it weird how we wake up in a mood and don’t know why? Yesterday I was blissful, on top of the world, serenity in my belly. This morning I felt morose - I even just cried spontaneously! Believe it or not I don’t want a drink, but possibly am starting to enter the grief cycle. I walk the same route every morning but THIS morning I noticed this “tunnel of trees”. The end is not quite obvious but I walked through it anyway, trusting I was on the right journey. I hope you are all trusting your journey also - giving yourself some extra self-compassion on days that just seem bigger than most.


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