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JULY 12 - DAY 12

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Looking forward to a week of solitude!

My husband is my best friend, my biggest fan and the best dad anyone could ask for for her children. (Yes you guessed it, there’s a BUT.....) Before I quit drinking on July 1 st I did a TON of reaching out, reading/listening and writing. I got myself a coach. Since I quit, I do 1-2 hours of “work “ every day. On the other hand, my husband decided he would quit as well. No supports, no reading, no plan. Kind of just white knuckling it. It does sound like I’m judging him but the point of this is that we are all on different journeys and it doesn’t matter how we get there, as long as we do. Yesterday was the first day we were really “at” each other. Today he is leaving for a long drive for some meetings because he can’t fly right now. Quitting drinking during a global pandemic doesn’t afford one much “alone” time. I made this picnic lunch (well the eggs are still cooking) for him with prayer and love that he is able to have some time to think and assess, just as I am going to cherish these few days to really “dig in”. Walk when I want, eat when I want, scroll through sober instagram all day if I want!

It's all about me this week.  Timing is everything they say, and I really feel like this is my time.  My time to get reborn into somebody I can look at in the mirror every morning without disgust, shame and regret.  Yes, isn't that just an awful way to face each and every day?


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