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JULY 8, 2020 - DAY 8 - Setting Limits

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Trust that voice in your head that is rooting for you, and you will succeed.

I offered to look for accommodations for an upcoming girls' trip in the next couple of weeks.  As of today I hadn't told them I quit drinking and just thought I would do this trip sober and not mention anything. You know, just show up, too cocky for my own good, and brazenly announce "Oh look at me, aren't I fabulous, I'm sober now!" (3 weeks in, ya right!!) I realized that was absolutely fucking crazy and that I would be risking my sober journey the minute I hit the highway to meet them.

We are high school friends (risk factor #1), we each have our own adult lives with our own complications and don't often get to get away (risk factor #2), we are surviving a pandemic (risk factor #3), and one of our very best friends is terminal and currently going through treatment (risk factor #4 through 10 quite frankly).

This morning I emailed them both and told them I was in the process of giving up alcohol. That it was hard and that it was the most important priority in my life right now. I told them I would not be attending the weekend.  I told them that I looked forward to future weekends, but that I just couldn't do it with less than a month under my belt.  I asked for their support and understanding. I encouraged them to go and have a great time, but I wouldn't be joining them.

It felt really good.


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